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The Key for Chinese tourists is convenience.

13 Dec 2016

Chinese millennials may seem a lot like young people anywhere — always on-line, willing to try new things and interested in global ideas. But they are also quite different from Western youth in that they like to stay home. 

The average Chinese tourist stays 1.8 nights per country while visiting Europe.

04 Dec 2016

Due to new economic participation, globalisation and political change, the self-confidence of Chinese consumers is growing. This leads to an emerging desire for individualisation that can be satisfied by shopping and travel, among other things. 

Chinese Millenials is Europe's emerging tourism target group.

27 Nov 2016

Chinese Millenials are those Chinese people born after 1980. So, they are between 16-35 years now. It is the world’s first -and only- generation almost entirely existing of only children. This is the result of China’s one-child policy that lasted from the end of the 1970’s until its recent abolition.

By 2019 Chinese tourists will spend a record of €250 billion on overseas shopping.

15 Nov 2016

Chinese tourists buy more luxury goods than anyone else in the world. They fly over 8000 kms from their homes in mainland China, brandishing gleaming new credit cards and lugging empty suitcases in Western Europe. And this is not just about shopping souvenirs. 

Which cultural differences may cause misunderstandings between Chinese tourists and Western hosts?

06 Nov 2022

Many people are aware of China’s collective culture versus the West’s individualism. Differences between both cultures are easy to call, however, how do we meet the expectations of our visitors? And in the first place, what exactly are the expectations of the fast growing group of Chinese Millenials that travel abroad?

Chinese tourism is rapidly growing.

25 Oct 2016

By 2020 over 17 million Chinese will visit Europe.

China has recently become the largest source market for international travel.

In 2015, some 120 million outbound trips made China the world’s largest outbound market  and numbers are...

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