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Chinese Millennials is Europe's emerging tourism target group.

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Lecturers, what do you tell your students about it?

Chinese Millennials are those Chinese people born after 1980. So, they are between 16-35 years now. It is the world’s first -and only- generation almost entirely existing of only children. This is the result of China’s one-child policy that lasted from the end of the 1970’s until its recent abolition.

Being only children, with the attention of two parents and four grandparents lavished upon them, they are often called “little emperors”; people with a demanding and selfish attitude. Because they are only children, their parents, also if they are poor, try to force as much education as possible on their Millennials. Currently around 25% has attended a university or other institution of higher education (Saunders, 2016).


As tourists, Millennials are independent travellers, they do not like destinations that have complicated visa applications (as many Schengen countries still have) and they look for close contact with local host populations. Once they are on their destination, they like to be online for 24/7 and they have high expectations of being served on-demand.


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