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Copper Views aims at a better global understanding. As a foundation that creates short documentaries and supplementary educational materials, we are dedicated to challenging stereotypical thinking and opening up dialogues about ‘us versus them’.

Our work is always related to themes like power relations, ethics, host-guest relations and cultural encounters and our films have been shown around the world at film festivals, educational institutes and conferences.

The educational materials we offer focus on various educational levels and purposes; from secondary schools and universities to the vocational sector.

And can hire us to further fuel and add depth to your lecture, meeting or cultural festival.

About the foundation

Policy plan 2018 - 2023 (Dutch only)

Annual reports foundation:

* Annual report 2017

* Annual report 2018

* Annual report 2019

* Annual report 2020

* Annual report 2021

Annual report 2022

Financial reports foundation:

* Financial accountability 2017

* Financial accountability 2018

* Financial accountability 2019

* Financial accountability 2020

* Financial accountability 2021

* Financial accountability 2022

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