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Chinese tourism is rapidly growing.

Related education pack

Related education package

By 2020 over 17 million Chinese will visit Europe.

What do your students know about this?


China has recently become the largest source market for international travel.

In 2015, some 120 million outbound trips made China the world’s largest outbound market  and numbers are still increasing. Undoubtedly, Chinese tourism rapidly changes the current global tourism industry.


For anyone with aspirations of working in the tourism, leisure and hospitality branche, knowledge of China, Chinese tourists, their wishes and preferences has therefor become indispensable by now.

And what about education? Are your students prepared for this target group?

In fact, our own curiosity for getting to know our new guests was the starting point of the making of the documentary Ni Hao Holland. We had realized that we did not know so much about the hundreds of thousands Chinese tourists visiting Amsterdam and other places annually. During our research prior to the making of, we gained valuable insights into the Chinese way of travelling, into their needs and their focus while on holiday. We - for example - got to understand the reason behind their love for shopping luxury goods and their needs for a kettle and slippers in their hotel room. We also learned about their search for authentic European places, events and interiors and their ‘speed’ of travelling.


We had the honour to follow two Chinese Millennials on their trip through Europe. This travelling together has resulted in a documentary that not only provides you with an insight into ‘their’ way of  travelling, but it also enables you to look with foreign eyes at ‘our’ way of catering tourism experiences for this target group.


The documentary became a starting point for the education materials that have been written by two Chinese tourism experts in order to spread knowledge and insights. The final education package aims at deepening knowledge on Chinese tourism as a global fact and prepares future professionals in the tourism, leisure and hospitality industries on the rise of Chinese tourists.


Have a look at the trailer for a first impression of our two traveling Chinese guests.


Chinese tourists  |  culture clash  |  tourism impact  | hospitality    

intercultural communication  |  host - guest relations  |  authenticity

international business marketing  |  Chinese millennial  |  tourist experiences 

destination management


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