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Copper Views Education creates education packages for lecturers at universities and universities of applied sciences worldwide.



Why? Because we have long been convinced of the power of documentaries within educational settings. We have experienced ourselves that documentaries implemented within education, challenge students in a different manner to create perspectives and inspire them to generate knowledge in an alternating way.


With our documentaries and education materials, we focus on the field we are good at, which is social sciences in a broad sense.Themes like globalization, culture clash, interculturality, tourism, intercultural communication, ethics, human rights, authenticity make our hearts go faster.



Each package consists of a minimum of 3 items, which are: 

  • a reader, containing the materials for your lectures, incl. assignments, a list of further readings, topics for research or papers.

  • a documentary on DVD;

  • copyrights free slides on a USB stick that relate to the content of the reader and that could be used for lectures.



All materials are written by at least one expert in the field of the particular topic(s) of the documentary. 

Curious? Please, have a look at our education packages and see if you could implement them in your course. 

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