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Walls: divisions in a globalising world

Today, there are 56 material barriers that have been placed on borders, and this number is still growing. Why is this happening today, in a world that was expected to become more and more connected? In this education package, this issue will be addressed. In four lectures, you will watch the documentary Walls, discuss with your students the proliferation of walls worldwide, why these walls are being built and how people respond to them. In the final assignment, you will challenge your students to imagine a different world.


Our educational materials include:

  • The reader, containing materials for inspiring lectures, incl. multiple assignments and a list of further readings;
  • The documentary WALLS (2015, 52 minutes) on DVD; 
  • Powerpoint presentation on a USB stick (70 slides) that serves as the backbone for your lectures;


bridges |  walls  |  human geography  |  America-Mexico

barriers  |  political science  |  divisions  |  conflict  

us/them discourse  |  modern-day segregation

Walls: divisions in a globalising world

€ 295,00Price
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  • Specs

    • Level: Higher Education and Academic level
    • Language: English
    • Length: 52 mns
    • English subtitles
    • Hard copy
    • Author: PhD. A. Rijke
    • ISBN: 978-90-826745-3-8
  • Guests lecturers

    Have you purchased the education package and you would like to deepen both your own and your students’ knowledge? The author of this education package can be booked to present one or more of the lectures of the education package at your institute. The author can also be booked for a variety of guest lectures on other topics related to walls, specifically to Israel/Palestine.

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