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Understanding Chinese tourists

These classroom materials are meant for educators at various levels who wish to engage with the documentary Ni Hao Holland within their classroom. The materials are designed to provide a better understanding of the huge rise in Chinese tourists and to understand the value and expectations from Chinese visitors related to their socio-economic and cultural background.


The classroom materials include:

  • A reader, containing the materials for your lectures, incl. assignments, director’s statement, a list of further readings, topics for research or papers.
  • A ready-to-use Powerpoint presentation with over 50 slides, that relates to the content of the chapters.


culture clash  |  tourism  |  intercultural communication    

the catering of experiences  |  international business marketing destination management  |  tourism impact  |  host guest relations authenticity  |  hospitality  |  Chinese millenials

Understanding Chinese tourists

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    Price is excluding VAT and shipping costs (if applicable).

  • Specs

    • Level: Highschool and Academic level
    • Language: English
    • Hard copy
    • Authors: China experts Dr. Dineke Koerts (PhD on tourism in China and Constance Vos (MA in Modern Asian History)
    • ISBN: 978-90-826745-0-7
  • Guest lecturers

    Have you purchased the education package and you would like to deepen both your own and your students’ knowledge on one or several of the themes discussed in the package’s materials or other China related topics? You might consider a guest lecture by the authors at your institute.


    Download the info sheet in PDF

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