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By 2019 Chinese tourists will spend a record of €250 billion on overseas shopping.

What do you tell your students about it?

Chinese tourists buy more luxury goods than anyone else in the world. They fly over 8000 kms from their homes in mainland China, brandishing gleaming new credit cards and lugging empty suitcases in Western Europe. And this is not just about shopping souvenirs. This is top-end luxury-brand sales shopping – heavily discounted €4000 Prada bags, €3500 Fendi valises, €2500 Burberry coats…basically anything sporting a very, very expensive-looking logo.

You might question yourself why Chinese tourist like to shop that much or how can they afford themselves such amount of shopping budget.

Well, in the first place, this emerging group of visitors is used to a label that tells them “Made in China”. In China every single product is being copied and put on the market. But the real Versacci, the real Gucci and the real Burberry should be bought in Europe and so Chinese do.

Second, for Chinese people, it is important to buy great souvenirs. The more expensive they are, the more the “receiver” means to the “giver” in terms of relationship. So, buying an expensive bag for your niece might make her do something for you in return that is very valuable for you.

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