Cherry has long dreamt of swapping her home city Beijing for the Dutch village Giethoorn. She has heard and read a lot about this mythical place. The day arrives that she and her friend hop on the plane in search of adventure.

In the meantime, entrepreneurs from Giethoorn work hard behind the scenes to cater to this ‘Holland experience’. They want to make the most of the fast growing flow of Chinese tourists in their village. How is this authenticity created by some and experienced by others?

culture clash  |  tourism  |  intercultural communication    

the catering of experiences  |  international business marketing destination management  |  tourism impact  |  host guest relations authenticity  |  hospitality  |  Chinese millennials


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Director:                            Willem Timmers  
Executive producer:         Ilja Kok  
Camera:                            Sander Roeleveld, Joewi Verhoeven
Sound:                              Joris Schouten, Wendel Nooren, Yunhao Zhu
Editor:                               Patrick Schonewille, Erik Disselhoff NCE
Sound design:                  Paul Gies – Klink Audio Postproductie
Colour correction &

    post production:          Laurent Fluttert – Het Raam Digital Cinema
Poster design:                  Lennart Wolfert
Netherlands Film Fund:  Pieter Fleury, Mirjam Bal
CoBO                                Jeanine Hage, Peter van Beek, Ina van der Spoel
AVROTROS                      Jessica Raspe, Marijke Huijbregts


This production was realized in the light of Teledoc Campus, a collaboration of  CoBO, Netherlands Film Fund and NPO. A production of Copper Views in collaboration with AVROTROS.​


Length:        25 minutes   

Language:   Mandarin & Dutch   

Subtitles:     English & Dutch  

Format:        16:9 Widescreen

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