Show Us Your Smile is a short observing and poetic documentary about the encounter of Arab and Western tourists in a European booming holiday destination. The film shows what happens when people with totally different backgrounds meet each other in an idyllic Austrian village to celebrating their holiday.

intercultural communication  |  cross-cultural understanding  |  host-guest relations  |  power relations  |  tourism  |  Arab and Western tourists  | similarities


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Educational Materials: Show Us Your Smile (Dutch only)

Educational Materials: Show Us Your Smile (Dutch only)

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Directed by:            Nicky Maas

Film coach:             Joost Seelen

Camera:                  Jean Counet & Rogier Timmermans

Editor:                     Fatih Tura

Edit coach:              Albert Markus
Sound design:        Ranko Paukovic 

Colorist:                  Laurent Fluttert

Post-productions:  Rob Maas - Postready

Line Producer:        Anjet Blinde

Producer:                Ilja Kok

This film was supported by The Netherlands Film Fund, ZOZ Fund and The Lutfia Rabbani Foundation.


Length:        7 minutes   

Language:   none

Subtitles :    none

Format:        Cinemascope 

Breda, The Netherlands
+316 27021045