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Nation is a story about an ethnic group from the north of Udmurtia, who cling to their roots and have preserved their authentic identity. They follow their leader who is intent on the mission to promote this ethnic group as a new nation. Slogans, conferences and speeches about the rights of this particular ethnic group do not solve any real problems. However, their outstanding humor and a shared passion for their traditional music strongly unite them and keep them going. This is a documentary about the sad truth of ethnic minorities in these modern days slowly disappearing, one by one. It is a humorous story of a non-humorous question about national identity in our globalizing world.


Directed by:     Julia Mironova   

Camera:            Anton Zhabin, Gleb Klimov, Alexei Bakulev, Marina Levashova                            & Stepan Bogatyrev   ​

Sound:              Vladislav Tsuganov & Teimuraz Chaidze 

Editing:             Dasha Khudoleeva & Svetlana Pechanykh  

Sound design:  Alexei Kulkov   

Music:                Victor Sologub  


In co-production with Julia Mironova productions, Saint-Petersburg Documentary Film Studio & Illume Oy.

With the financial support of Ministry for Culture of the Russian Federation, Kone Foundation & Wilhelmina E. Jansen Fund. 


Year:              2018

Length:         70 minutes   

Subtitles :     English 

Format:        16:9 Widescreen  

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