'The Homeless Poet’ and Dutch celebrity, Hilmano van Velzen, is longing for fame with his poetry. Unfortunately, his addiction and personality are keeping him away from his dream. In “Dichterbij” we follow Hilmano in his search for recognition and his continuous struggle with drugs and his inner self. Will his poems give him the recognition he has always dreamed of?

Dichterbij will premier during the Dutch Film Festival on Saturday September 26.

After the premier Dichterbij will be available on demand at the online festival from September 30st 00:00 till October 1st 23:59 through: www.filmfestival.nl

Dichterbij will be broadcasted on Sunday October 18 by EOdocs at NPO3.


Year:             2020

Length:         25 minutes   

Language:    Dutch

Subtitles:      Dutch 

Format:        16:9 Widescreen  


Directed by: Caroline Keman

With special thanks to: Hilmano & Iris

Camera: Rogier Timmermans

Sound: Willem de Wijs

Editing: Tobias Cornelissen

Sound design & mix: Tijn Hazen

Grading: Serhan Meewisse

Coaching: John Appel

Production assistant: Vivian Vrolijk

Line producer: Anjet Blinde

Producer: Ilja Kok

EO: Barbara Wiessing

This production was realized in the light of Teledoc Campus, a collaboration of CoBO, Netherlands Film Fund, NPO and NPO-fund. 

Produced by Copper Views in co-production with EOdocs.

Breda, The Netherlands
+316 27021045