The Mursi tribe lives in the basin of the Omo River, located in the south of the east African state of Ethiopia. The women are known for placing large plates in their lower lips and wearing enormous, richly decorated earrings. Every year hundreds of Western tourists come to see the unusually adorned natives; posing for camera-toting visitors has become the main source of income for the Mursi. To make more money, the tribe embellish their “costumes” and finery in such a manner that less of their original, authentic culture remains. Framing The other is a documentary film that contrasts the views of Mursi women and those of Dutch tourists preparing to meet them. This humorous, yet simultaneously chilling, film shows the destructive impact tourism can have on traditional communities.

culture clash  |  tourism  |  photography  |  intercultural communication human rights  |  international business  |  marketing, destination management  |  sustainable development  |  tourism impact  |  host guest relations  |  authenticity  |  responsible tourism  |  ethics


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Directed by:       Ilja Kok & Willem Timmers
Line Producer:   Keith Bowers  
Camera:             Yidnekachew Shumete  
Editor:                Tracy Pallant, Willem Timmers  
Sound Design:  Robin Fuller   
Artwork:             Bas van Druten  

FRAMING THE OTHER is a Copper Views / Ethiopian Film Initiative 



Length:        25 minutes   
Language:   English & Mursi   
Subtitles :    English, Dutch & French
Format:        16:9 Widescreen  


- BEST FILM AWARD at Intimate Lens Ethnographic Film Festival Caserta, Italy

- BEST SHORT DOC AWARD at Fargo Film Festival, USA

- AUDIENCE AWARD at Three Elements Travelers & World Film 🎞 Festival Bolkow, Poland

- AUDIENCE AWARD at Scenecs International Debut Film Festival Amersfoort, the Netherlands

- AWARD FOR BEST DIRECTOR at Bir Duino Human Rights Documentary Film Festival Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

- SILVER HORSESHOE AWARD at Asterfest International Film Festival Strumica, Macedonia

- GRAND PRIX AWARD for best documentary film at Montenegro Film Festival Herceg Novi, Montenegro

- NTR SPECIAL MENTION at Go Short International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the Netherlands